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About GeoSurvey

A complete land based surveying solution for Development organizations, GIS Researchers and GIS Developers. Our Application provides data support in the form of Polylines and Polygons. The system consist of a Web based data refining portal resulting in a generic formatted shapefiles that can be used in a variety of GIS Softwares.

Mobile App

Mobile App can be used by sureyors for collecting data in the form of polygons. Data can be organized into different categories.

Web App

Web app can be used to view and modify survey data collected by app. Data is synchronized both on mobile and web app.


Mobile Application Features

Some of the GeoSurvey features are mentioned below.

Survey by Walk

User can walk around the area of interest to draw a polygon.

Survey by Tap

User can manually select the area to draw a polygon just by tapping on the screen.

Cloud Storage

Data is stored on cloud. Synchronized on both web and mobile app.

Export & Share

Survey data can be shared in JSON format from mobile app.

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Web Application Features

  • Survey Statistics

    A complete survery Statistics like the total number of polygons, total area covered by a polygon can be viewed.

  • Merging Data

    Use the built-in module for merging different classes and data into one another.

  • Train/Test Split

    All the data can be splitted into training & testing percentage with the option of selection between polygon/area based.

  • Export Data

    The data can be exported in different formats, whether you need shapefile or KML

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App Screenshots

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